Irish Economy and the Eu

Irish Economy and the Eu

Political and cultural issues impact the world, and it’s not just isolated to one area. The European Union as well as Ireland has to deal with a great deal of different issues, and many times, people don’t realize just what is going on overall. For those that are looking to narrow down the scope of what’s going on, it’s important to look into several different pieces of the overall picture. One cannot simply look at one aspect and try to paint a larger scale drawing, which is why the following are glimpses into the problems, that Ireland and UE face today.

Economic Turmoil – The United States economic forecast has been abysmal in many ways, and that has affected exports, financial matters, and strength of the Euro and many other currencies around the world. Because the dollar has been weakened and precious metals are on the rise, many are not too confident in the financial outlook that is being presented by the world powers. That’s leading a lot of civil unrest, with many concerned with what will happen next, and what is to occur if the stock exchange (for example) were to collapse.

War – As with any major period of time war is of great concern with culture fighting for peace and Ireland not a part of NATO or pushing towards military actions. The concern here in recent times is that of North Korea and their constant threats of attack on the United States, Great Britain and beyond. This could seriously affect Irish loyalty, as the country tends to back allied nations within the European Union and of course the United States. Protesters will come forward to try and ask for peace talks, but that is always a point of contention, one that cannot simply be answered.

Political Parties – Two major political parties control the majority of politics in the country, and that has been a point of contention with the citizens, but the changes are slow to arrive. While there are several parties that play a part of the running of the nation, it is still something that many are trying to upend.

The above issues are just a few of the things that concern the island at the moment. There are always going to be situations and concerns raised as with any major country in these modern times, but the important thing is to pay attention to what’s next as concerns that arise today may not manifest until the near future.

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