The Republic of Ireland is a small island state with over four million people, that’s also a member of the European Union. What level of quality of life it provides to its inhabitants can be shown by way of comparison with other EU countries. In this article, we’ll take Germany, France and Italy as examples for comparing Ireland to the rest of the Union in terms of economy, lifestyle and tourism.

The economy of Ireland is based on services and the technological industry. Ireland is quite a rich country, having one of the highest GDP per capita in the EU. When compared with Germany, it has, nevertheless, a less developed economy. Germany is the EU leader when it comes to economic development. France occupies the second place in the EU economic ranking. Italy also has a high GDP per capita and a highly developed infrastructure.

When it comes to lifestyle, Ireland is quite similar to Italy. Its people are warm and welcoming, and are quite focused on community and family. Where Italy is concerned, this is especially evident in the region of Tuscany. The Tuscan lifestyle is one of the most prominent tourist ‘products’ of this region. Similar to Ireland, this region has rolling hills, wine tasting tours, and a general relaxed lifestyle. In Ireland, as well as in Tuscany, you can find both cities that offer culture and art, as well as beautiful nature.

Ireland’s tourism has been flourishing for the past couple of decades, so its level is becoming similar to such destinations as Paris, London and Florence. Although these destinations can become crowded during high-season, you can always find accommodation at the Ireland, France, Germany, and Tuscany Accommodations website. When it comes to culture, Dublin can be compared to the biggest city in Tuscany – Florence. They both offer a large selection of museums, theatres, art shows, etc. although Florence houses more masterpieces and ancient art.

When all of this is taken into consideration, Ireland seems to be a country that offers a good quality of life to its inhabitants, as well as tourists. With all the latest developments in a lot of areas, any visitor is sure not to be disappointed.