There are a lot of different concerns in Ireland, from political unrest, to discrimination, economic woes and much more. Amongst one of the many issues that the nation is dealing with is that of environmental concerns. There are several pieces to the struggles that the island is facing, and many don’t even realize it. To further understand the nation, one must look at the problems that they are facing with the environmental concerns that are growing by leaps and bounds in many ways. The following are just some of the issues that are of concern in regards to the environment as a whole.

The first major problem that many are finding to be true is that of litter and garbage. Dumpsite placements have caused serious issue with the local plants, animals, and habitats. The proliferation of trash in many areas that were not sanctioned for dumping has become a serious threat to wildlife throughout the nation and has taken a toll in many ways. From the water to the death of many animals, the area requires a turn around in the dumping policies that are in place.

Another issue that is growing in the area is that of acidic rainfall. Acid rain occurs when there is a great deal of sulfur in the ecosystem and can cause serious issue with the water table and more. Because the water table and plants require rainfall to bring nutrients, this can pose a serious threat to the future. Acid rain kills plants, destroys the fertility of soil and causes water to be poisoned.

Deforestation is a major concern in Ireland, as much of the destruction of forests has been detrimental in many ways to the land. There have been some efforts to replant, but it has proven to be an unsustainable venture, as wooded areas have been disastrous. With this process continuing, many lush areas are now turning into arid and desert areas, which can cause climate change and even ruin soil.

A very important issue is tyre disposal. Many bug brands, such as Pirelli, are working to produce tyres which have the lowest enviroment impact as possible. In the meantime, a large goverment effort is spent to promote tyre recycle.

The above issues are just some of the major issues that are problematic in Ireland today. They are just some of the basic issues that have been published in recent times. As more and more people become aware of the problems, many are starting to fight against the issues. However, it will take a concerted effort by millions to reverse the effects of the problems that are only going to magnify as time goes on.