Ireland is one of the largest islands on earth, situated in Europe neighboring Great Britain and separated by the Irish Sea. The nation has a great tradition and history that dates back centuries. Geographically there is a diverse amount of regions throughout, with a great deal of climate changes, woodlands, beach, and much more. The country has a significant history through the middle ages and won independence as a free state in the 20th century. Even though there has been a political divide in the area, it is still one of the more prominent countries in the European continent.

There are a several major points of interest in terms of this nation’s great history, and it goes through several levels from prehistoric eras through antiquity, medieval times, the Norman Invasion, and through the Union of Great Britain and beyond. Historians have tracked the roots of the nation to date back centuries. Part of the art, culture, and languages stem from the roots that were initially planted in the prehistorical period, and kept alive through the years.

Ireland has a great number of urban and metropolitan cities, each one has a diverse array of settlers and residents. Some of the largest cities in the nation include Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Derry, and Limerick. Each one maintains a great population density. Dublin has the largest population reaching nearly 2 million in the overall metropolitan divides. The population has been increasing exponentially in modern times and continues to grow in the larger more urban areas.

The culture of Ireland has a great deal of influences that play on religion, and indigenous religious leanings. The history of the nation dates back to the cultures that were originally in the area such as Gaelic. That still sews a thread throughout the art and culture, even though English is spoken as one of the main languages.

Tourism is a huge part of the economic growth of the area with many historical sites and interesting locations to explore. One of the largest areas for tourism is of course Dublin, which is visited by millions annually, but there are also a great deal of other spots to explore including Giant’s Causeway County Antrim, Castle Ward, Dromoland Castle, and much more.

There is a great deal of tradition that comes with the country, and to sum it up into a brief introduction is a difficult task. You’ll find that there is a rich history that deserves further and deeper exploration to get a handle on.