Managers are some of the most competent people, especially considering the fact that they are individuals responsible for entire companies. But is there a difference between them regarding where they were born and raised? In this post, we are going to compare the work of Gian Luca Rana and Michael O’Leary, two very successful businessmen, one of which is from Italy and the other from Ireland.

Gian Luca Rana is the newest member of the Rana dynasty, which started its journey to success in 1962, thanks to Gian Luca’s father Giovanni. He was the man behind the opening of the Pastificio Rana, a factory that specializes in the production of finest Italian pasta. Apart from this, according to his biography, he also managed to open a couple of Giovanni Rana restaurants, which are all based on traditional Italian recipes, and develop sophisticated machinery that made it unnecessary to make pasta by hand. His son is now the CEO of Pastificio Rana, and just like his father, he has greater things for it in mind. His goal is to make his father’s brand of pasta globally recognized. In order to do that, he plans to acquire a fresh-food company, which would render trade with others obsolete, and expand into international markets.

Micheal O’Leary was born into a family from Kanturk, Ireland. After graduating from the famous Trinity College, he went on to work with Stokes Kennedy Crowley, where he spent his time studying the tax system. During this time, he met Tony Ryan, the man who later founded Ryanair, a budget airline. But the company wasn’t meant to specialize in low-cost traveling. After it had started losing money adhering to the traditional business model, O’Leary was sent to America to study the latest Southwest Airlines model. This was the model that made it possible for Ryanair to get recognized on a global scale.

In conclusion, both of these men are very successful managers. One has managed to expand his father’s pasta empire, while the other has turned a failed airline into a big success. So it seems that there is no difference regarding where a man was born and raised.